11 months ago

Natural blondes will completely disappear

11 months ago

The number of natural blondes on the planet is getting smaller every year, and by 2202 the last of them will disappear, scientists say.

Hair color is determined genetically, and the gene due to which natural blondes are born should be not only parents, but also several generations of their ancestors, the authors of the study from Germany explain. And such continuity today is becoming less and less common. In cases where there is a dark-haired couple, children are likely to inherit its trait, since it is dominant.

For this reason, in their opinion, by 2202 people with blond hair will completely disappear from our planet. Moreover, the last natural blonde should be born in Finland – it is there that now the proportion of fair-haired and fair-eyed people is the largest in the world.

Fortunately, not all researchers agree with this prediction. Jonathan Rhys, a professor of dermatology at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, believes that natural blonde people are unlikely to completely disappear from our planet.

“Genes can disappear only by chance or if there are known deficiencies associated with the presence of this gene,” Rhys is sure. The scientist believes that in this case it is precisely about some kind of flaw. “The number of blondes and blondes can be greatly reduced, but they will not disappear without a trace,” the Scottish scientist is convinced.

So far, most men consider blondes to be the most sexual. Science explains this by the fact that blondes have a higher content of the female sex hormone estrogen, and this affects the nature and behavior – blonde girls are more supple and soft, which invariably attract a strong sex.

On May 31, starting in 2006, World Blondes Day is celebrated. The purpose of the holiday is to prove social and professional competence, as well as a high level of intelligence of women with blond hair.
There are several versions of the appearance of this holiday. According to one of them, it was established by American blonde lawyers who are tired of the fact that male colleagues do not perceive them as equal, hinting at a low level of intelligence. According to another version, the holiday arose after the rental of the American comedy “Legally Blonde”.

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