Nazi plans to use chemical weapons in the Caucasus revealed

Nazi plans to use chemical weapons in the Caucasus revealed

The data were disclosed in the collection “Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation. 100 years. Documents and Evidence.”
In 1942, the Nazis wanted to use chemical weapons to seize Soviet oil fields in the Caucasus, which were of strategic importance to the Third Reich.

“The Germans put everything on the line for the seizure of the Caucasus,” reported Boris Rybkin, a resident of Soviet foreign intelligence in Sweden under the operative pseudonym “Keen,” in a digital telegram sent from Stockholm to Moscow.

According to him, Germany was in a catastrophic situation in terms of oil reserves, while the Germans said the opposite.

“Keene” claimed that German fighter planes were failing due to the lack of fuel during the operation. The Nazis, he said, claimed that the outcome of the war depended on the success of the operation in the Caucasus.

It is noted that the battle for control of the Caucasus lasted from July 25, 1942 to October 9, 1943. It ended with a counter-offensive of the Soviet soldiers in the Kuban, but the enemy was not decisively defeated. German troops for another six months were defending on the Taman Peninsula, and after that were evacuated to the Crimea.