Nearly 5.5 billion COVID-19 vaccinations have been administered worldwide

As of September 5, more than 5.46 billion people worldwide had been vaccinated against the coronavirus. This is according to data from Bloomberg agency.

Vaccination has begun in 183 countries, with the latest daily total of 39 million doses.

The leaders in the number of doses administered are:

Mainland China (2 billion doses, 63.5% of the population fully vaccinated);
India (584.4 million doses, 11.4% of the population fully vaccinated);
European Union countries (537.9 million doses, 59.9 percent of the population fully vaccinated);
U.S. (374.5 million doses, fully vaccinated 53% of the population);
Brazil (199.1 million doses, 30.7% of the population fully vaccinated).
The highest percentage of fully vaccinated population is in Malta (83.7%).