Netflix to release Britney Spears movie

Netflix to release Britney Spears movie

Streaming service Netflix is working on a documentary about the life of Britney Spears.

It is reported by Bloomberg.

In the director’s chair the company invited the Emmy nominee Erin Lee Carr, who worked on the documentaries “Dead Mommy” and “The Price of Gold: The American Gymnastics Scandal”.

Netflix began the project even before Hulu co-produced the documentary “Framing Britney Spears” with The New York Times. The new film about the singer is not yet complete, nor is there an estimated premiere date.

The Hulu documentary features James Spears’ custody of his daughter and supporters of the #FreeBritney movement, who believe the singer is signaling on social media in her quest for independence. The picture also touches on the theme of Britney’s early career and her difficult life in front of the cameras.