11 months ago

Netflix will release a documentary series about scandalous businessman Jeffrey Epstein

11 months ago

Netflix’s “Filthy Rich” mini-series trailer appeared in the network, which will show the story of American businessman Jeffrey Epstein. The project is released by Netflix streaming service.

The four-part documentary is designed to bring Epstein to justice. This project is Netflix’s attempt to infiltrate real criminal territory and find out what Epstein and his friends were actually doing. There are many questions associated with the figure of the businessman – not only human trafficking, pedophilia and organization of orgies on his own island, but even the suspicion of murder. The show will also show the stories of Epstein’s victims.

In 2019, magnate Jeffrey Epstein was accused of the abuse of women and underage girls for decades. In the end, he gained great wealth and power by organizing an international ring of human trafficking. A serial sex offender made a secret deal with the government in 2008, avoiding possible life imprisonment and continuing to use women. After his long-awaited arrest, Epstein committed suicide in a prison cell. Epstein’s prosecutors are the main storytellers in a four-part film directed by Lisa Bryant. The premiere is scheduled for May 27, 2020.

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