New American Hypersonic Weapon

The Americans are trying to keep up with other countries in the field of weapons. In their laboratories they create new weapons. Already today, American scientists have successfully developed a new, modern hypersonic weapon. The US Department of State recently issued an official appeal. At an extensive press conference, John Wolf spoke to reporters. He is the chief development manager for strategic equipment. It was stated that a prototype hypersonic glider was launched. It was successfully launched from a rocket range in the state of Hawaii.

This is a prototype weapon. The tests were successful. In a short time, the target was hit by a rocket with hypersonic speed. Vice-Admiral of the U.S. Navy Wulf noted that during the tests, the new weapon experienced additional, unplanned loads. But the tests were successful, and this is a great merit of its developers, the coordinated work of representatives of the military department and scientific workers of the project.

In the future, the glider will be tested again. This time he will be tested to defeat the target using a hypersonic shock. The glider will have a universal direction. After test trials, they plan to install it on carriers for military equipment. Scientific work on the creation of new hypersonic weapons is in full swing. The United States allocates large amounts of money for this. By mid-2020, the production of such weapons will be launched. Glider plans to install on ships until 2023, and on submarines until 2024. On aircraft, such hypersonic missiles will be installed in 2021.