New attack: avian flu is spreading around the world

In Denmark, 25 thousand chickens will be destroyed due to an outbreak of bird flu. Earlier, millions of minks were exterminated in the country due to the coronavirus, now it is the turn of birds.

The French can be left without chickens. Bird flu broke out in Corsica in a regular pet store. There they bred and sold birds, and recently they suddenly began to die. They called in the specialists, they did the tests and said: this is definitely the flu. The Minister of Agriculture and Food of France, Julien Denormandy, immediately appeared on the air of the local TV channel.

“The situation is serious. We had to kill about 300 chickens in this pet store. But we were preparing for an outbreak of influenza because we saw what was happening in other countries, ”the minister said.

The French authorities have introduced an increased level of danger in the country. All farms must urgently quarantine animals in enclosed spaces. The owners of one of the poultry farms built a hangar for their chickens literally in a day. They say that animals without sun, grass and earth are stressed. In order to somehow calm down the birds, the owners let them listen to the classics.

Wild ducks in South Korea also caught the infection. There, a dangerous strain of bird flu was identified in four individuals. Six more cases are being tested. It is migratory birds that spread the disease. Now they migrate – they fly from north to south, therefore they are especially dangerous.

“Upon contact between wild and poultry, a case of introduction of this disease into poultry farms is revealed, which leads to restrictive measures in relation to these farms. Including the destruction of poultry, ”explained Denis Kolbasov, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Professor, Director of the Federal Research Center for Virology and Microbiology.

Half a million birds have been affected by influenza in Kazakhstan. A month ago, the disease was found in factories and farmsteads of residents in 50 settlements. All were quarantined. It was necessary to destroy entire livestock, the owners of poultry farms suffered millions in losses. But the authorities of the republic promise to help. While the owners are waiting for payments, they urgently vaccinate the remaining birds. Almost two million vaccinations have already been given.

This bird flu is not dangerous for people – rather, the economy suffers. In many countries, the outbreak can stop the export of eggs and meat, as was done in Denmark.