New catastrophic impact of climate change revealed

Scientists at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology concluded that climate change has intensified hurricanes that take longer to weaken over land. This can lead to an aggravation of the disastrous consequences. The study is reported in an article published in the journal Nature.

It has been shown that hurricanes that develop over oceans, whose temperatures are increasing, carry more moisture with them and therefore remain strong over land. Global warming disasters will become more devastating and will affect people living in places where hurricanes have never reached. At the same time, coastal areas are threatened by extensive flooding due to heavy rainfall.

In a new work, scientists analyzed hurricanes in the North Atlantic that hit land over the past half century. They found that during the first day after they were over land, hurricanes weakened almost twice as slow as 50 years ago. Computer simulations have shown that there is a direct link between ocean temperature rise and the strength of cyclones.

Since hurricanes carry with them increased amounts of moisture, precipitation will increase, which can reach catastrophic levels.