1 week ago

New COVID strain detected in Morocco

1 week ago

Authorities in Morocco have announced that a new strain of COVID has been detected in the country.

Azzedine Brahimi, a member of the State Scientific and Technical Committee for the Control of Coronavirus in Morocco, noted that the new strain appeared “only in the province of Ouarzazate,” adding that it “does not affect the spread of the virus, the course of the disease or the immune response.”

In addition, Brahimi wrote on his Facebook that most COVID strains found in Morocco are either of the original virus or of the “British” mutation, which has already been identified in seven provinces. The Moroccan Ministry of Health has previously denied the existence of any other mutations in the country.

According to the Worldometer (a website with statistics on COVID), more than 490,000 people have been infected with the coronavirus in Morocco.

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