New details of a fire on an American ship became known

A fire at the USS Bonhomme Richard universal landing ship at the naval base in San Diego could cause the ship to burn to the very waterline. New details have come to light from Colin Stowell, the head of the city’s fire department, quoted by CNN.

According to him, the fire can last several days. Stowell also believes that the explosion on the ship was the result of a fire that started in the hold.

At the same time, Rear Admiral Philip Sobek, representative of the command of the US Pacific Fleet, believes that the ship will be able to sail again and will be able to be repaired, despite the fire. “He was still under repair. So we just go back to him, ”he said.

17 sailors and four civilians injured in the fire are in the local hospital, nothing threatens their lives. Basically, they were poisoned by combustion products.

A powerful fire on the paratrooper was reported on the night of July 13. At the time of the emergency, 160 people were aboard Bonhomme Richard. At the same time, about a thousand military personnel were assigned to the ship. 150 firefighters fight with fire.