New details of Beirut port bombing revealed

New details of Beirut port bombing revealed

US FBI officials have released new details of an explosion at a port in the Lebanese capital.

The port explosion was reportedly caused by a much smaller amount of ammonium nitrate than was thought. This was reported by France 24 television channel.

In particular, according to the FBI representatives, the explosion was caused by 500 tons of ammonium nitrate, while the warehouse, as previously reported, contained about 2,700 tons of the substance.

However, the claim has raised questions for former Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab.

“The FBI report indicates that 500 tonnes exploded. Where did 2,200 tonnes go?” wondered Diab.

According to France 24 journalists, at least 25 people have been arrested in the investigation into the blast, including the head of the port and the customs chief.