New dinosaur species discovered

11 months ago

Argentinean paleontologists have discovered a new species of dinosaurs. Ancient animals had wing-like limbs that they used to run, Infobae reports.

Dinosaur fossils were found in the western part of the province of Rio Negro (Argentina) in 2013, but the remains of the animal could not be accurately classified. In 2018, experts formed a new expedition and found more dinosaur remains. The discovered animal is called an overoraptor.

A distinctive feature of the overoraptors was the presence of durable elements on the front legs, similar to the wings of modern birds. Researchers noted that animals could not fly, but used wing-like processes during movement. Also on the hind limbs of the overoraptors was a large claw that could be used during hunting.

Anatomical research showed that the animal found had long limbs and small sizes – about one and a half meters in length. Overorptors could move very quickly, using paws with wings to maintain balance and a sharp change in direction of movement. Due to their modest size, ancient animals lived near large dinosaurs and hunted lizards.

According to researchers, the overorptor lived in the territory of modern Argentina about 90 million years ago. The closest relatives of the animals were the small predators rakhonavisy, whose population was distributed in the Cretaceous period in the territory of modern Magadascar.

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