New HBO series with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant became more successful than the Game of Thrones

5 months ago

A mini-series about a psychoanalyst who did not notice how her life was falling apart.

The first episode of the six-part criminal thriller HBO “Play Back” with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant watched almost three million people. Thus, he surpassed the start of “Game of Thrones”, released on the screens in 2011, writes The Hollywood Reporter.

It is noted that the first episode of “Play Back” was released on the screens on October 26, 2020. On British pay channel Comcast Sky Atlantic it reached a 28-day audience of more than 2.78 million viewers.

The series is a screen adaptation of the bestseller The New York Times, the book “You Should’ve Know” by Gene Hanff Korelitz. The mini-series was filmed by Danish director and Oscar-winner Susanne Beer.

The main character Grace Fraser (Nicole Kidman) is a successful family therapist. She lives a quiet, well-off life with her husband Jonathan (Hugh Grant) and her son. However, tragedy happens – the mother of the child from the school where her son goes is found beaten to death with a hammer, after which Grace’s husband disappears.

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