New Jersey Introduces Mandatory Wearing Masks Outside Home

The authorities of the State of New Jersey introduced a mandatory rule for everyone – now everywhere outside the house, including on the street, people must wear masks.

New Jersey residents will now have to wear masks even when outdoors, when social distance is not possible, as directed by Governor Phil Murphy, signed on Wednesday to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Facing was required in public places inside New Jersey, such as shops, eateries, government buildings, and public transport, since early April, when the pandemic hit the state the most. Masks were desirable outdoors at that time – now they are practically mandatory only if a person does not stay alone on the street or with his family, but away from others.

A mask can not be worn only if the beach or park has a distance to other people of at least 2 meters. True, there are exceptions – for children under 2 years of age, as well as those whose health or safety may suffer from wearing masks.