New lockdown due to COVID-19 may cause a wave of depression and anxiety

Mental health experts say re-quarantine due to COVID-19 could trigger a new surge of anxiety and depression.

Psychologist Andrea Zorbas has observed an increase in depression with increasing incidence of COVID-19. Repeated lockdown can cause the growth of new mental diseases. “Stress sends cortisol to the brain, and many fall into a panic regime,” says Zobras.

According to him, when restrictions are lifted, people experience relief. “And then the next day we hear a new order to stay home, and again a wave of fear engulfs us,” the psychologist notes. Lack of ability to cope with the situation in these uncertain times leads many to the development of mental disorders.

“We see eight to ten patients a day who express suicidal ideation,” said Chris Colwell, head of the emergency department at the General Hospital in San Francisco.