New Volkswagen electric car passed Tesla by popularity

New Volkswagen electric car passed Tesla by popularity

The popularity of the new electric car is impressive – the model quickly took off in the top of the best-selling ones.

The new electric hatchback Volkswagen ID.3, which only recently appeared on sale, began to quickly conquer the European market, pushing the Tesla Model 3 to the background. Sales of the German electric car are impressive.

In particular, in October 2020 in the Netherlands, the company Volkswagen sold 2 789 new electric hatchback ID.3, and the company Tesla only 35 copies of the Tesla Model 3.

In Norway in October sold 2,475 hatchbacks ID.3 and only 74 American Tesla Model 3 electric cars. The difference, as you can see, is huge.

It should be noted that in October in Norway Volkswagen ID.3 was the best-selling car. He even pushed back from the first place popular Japanese crossover Toyota RAV4.

In the Netherlands in October, Volkswagen ID.3 took almost 31% of the market for electric cars. He quickly rose to third place, having excellent chances to overtake Tesla Model 3 and Kia Niro EV (e-Niro) by the end of the year.