New Volkswagen electric SUVs sold out in the US in eight hours

The demand was so great that the company’s website could not stand it and fell. Limited Edition VW ID.4 to arrive in the US from Germany in the first quarter of 2021

In the United States, the entire circulation of the new Volkswagen ID.4 1st Edition electric crossovers was sold out in eight hours. This was announced by the press service of Volkswagen on Twitter.

Sales of the $ 43,995 VW limited edition ID.4 started on September 24 and ended the same day. The company said that due to the large influx of buyers, their site could not stand it and fell.

According to Autoweek, despite this excitement, the German concern produced only 2,000 VW ID.4 1st Edition for sale in the United States. The electric crossovers will be shipped to the US from Volkswagen’s Zwickau plant in Germany. They will be delivered to their owners in the first quarter of 2021.

Now Volkswagen is offering Americans a cheaper base model VW ID.4 Pro for $ 39,995. These cars will be delivered to the US in mid-2021. As early as 2022, Volkswagen will begin producing the VW ID.4 Pro at its American plant in Chattanooga. Then the cost of this electric car should fall to $ 35,000.

To book a VW ID.4 in the USA, you must pay $ 100 immediately. When the production of the electric car begins, another $ 400 must be added to this amount. Later, this $ 500 will be deducted from the cost of the electric SUV. In addition, when buying an electric car, the state provides a subsidy of up to $ 7,500.

Volkswagen ID.4 1st Edition is a special limited edition version of the electric crossover. It features 20-inch alloy wheels, premium LED headlights, grille illumination and a glass panoramic sunroof. This VW ID.4 version also has more powerful batteries. It can travel 250 miles without recharging, while the Pro version is about 200 miles.