New Windows name revealed

2 weeks ago

Microsoft is ready to release Windows 11. This was announced by well-known insider Evan Blass on his Twitter.

According to the blogger, the next operating system from Microsoft will be called Windows 11. This name is often used for any major system update, but the insider revealed that Windows 11 is not a relative, but the exact name of the major system update. Thus, Blass actually confirmed the release of the next generation of the operating system.

New Windows name revealed

The numbered version of the OS from Microsoft is expected to include a major update called Sun Valley, which includes a major interface redesign. Commentators under Blass’ post noted that Microsoft head Satya Nadella had previously said that Windows 10 will be the company’s last numbered OS. It is likely that the corporation has revised its views on the future of its main product.

Microsoft announced the next generation of Windows at the end of May. “We’re about to share one of the most significant Windows updates of the last decade,” said Microsoft chief Satya Nadella.

The new version of Windows will be unveiled on June 24. According to insiders, the new software will include additional features for developers and ways for users to interact more easily.