New Windows release dates revealed

New Windows release dates revealed

The next major Windows 10 update will be released in June.

Journalists have found the described release dates of the new version of the OS on the Chromium project website. The message from Microsoft said that the release of the operating system is expected in June. According to the authors, update Windows 10 21H1 will not get major innovations and will be dedicated to improving the quality of the system and fixing bugs.

It is known that the released update will get new API (Application Programming Interface) for developers. Also Microsoft programmers are going to fix dangerous vulnerability in Kernel Transaction Manager (KTM). Work on Windows 10 21H1 will start in February and developers will have access to the beta-version of the OS in May.

Journalists have noted that the U.S. corporation usually presents a major update to its operating system in late spring. For example, versions 1903 and 2004 Windows 10 have been released in the last week of May.

Earlier it was reported that in the period from March to June, Microsoft will release Windows 10X – a special version of the OS for computers with poor performance. In the future, the company intends to present a special version of 10X for devices with two screens.