New York City authorities investigate Trump’s millions of tax write-offs

According to people familiar with the course of the investigation, the New York authorities investigating the activities of Trump Organization, which belongs to the family of U.S. President Donald Trump. The investigation included tax write-offs of millions of dollars.

Investigators from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, which is conducting an extensive criminal investigation, and the New York City Attorney General’s Office, which is conducting a civil investigation, subpoenaed Trump Organization management to request records regarding consulting fees. These services have allegedly caused tax write-offs.

The subpoena was in response to a New York Times investigation into President Donald Trump’s tax returns, which shows he wrote off $26 million of consulting fees, including a $747,000 fee paid by Ivanka Trump.

Representatives of the Manhattan District Attorney, the Attorney General of New York and Trump Organization declined to comment. Ivanka Trump responded to a Times article Thursday night by tweeting, “This is a pure prosecution. This investigation of the New York Democrats is 100% politically, publicly and angrily motivated. They know very well that there were no tax breaks. These politicians are simply ruthless.

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