New Yorkers had a fierce fight over a parking space, as a result of which the car flew into a showcase of the bakery

At least four people were injured in a fight over a parking space. As a result of the incident, a car crashed into a window of a newly opened bakery in Queens.

According to the Daily News, the fight began around 16:00 on Kissen Boulevard in Flushing. According to the police, two cars with two passengers in each argued over a parking space or vehicles. After that, the passenger of one car allegedly took out a baseball bat and hit the second car several times.

In response, the driver tried to hit him – but instead crashed into the Rainbow Bakery. Two women were injured by broken glass and taken to hospital with minor injuries. All four passengers were arrested.

Jie Zou, 24, and Jonathan Zhang, 35, were charged with assault. The Rainbow Bakery opened this Monday. The car damaged the glass entrance and window at the front of the store, as well as one of the interior partitions inside.

Andy Chen from the Asian-American Community believes that the mayor is responsible for the quarrel. The lack of parking spaces, he said, often forces drivers to be aggressive. “It’s still the same problem that people face every minute. Every day they fight over parking spaces,” Chen said.