Next stimulus package: $ 1,200, eviction moratorium, and unemployment benefit cuts

In the coming days, the Senate will vote on a new stimulus package to help Americans with the pandemic, codenamed CARES – 2. The bill, presented by Senator Mitch McConnell, is expected to amount to about $ 1 trillion.

The second series of incentives will include a one-time aid payment of $ 1,200 (but only for those earning less than $ 75,000), $ 500 per dependent, and a moratorium on the eviction of those who have lost income. However, at the same time, the new law will provide for a reduction in unemployment benefits to 70% of the employee’s normal wages.

Those who earn more than 75 thousand per year, the check will be adjusted by 5% of the gross income above these limits.

Senator McConnell also said he wants to introduce 5-year responsibility and protection programs for businesses, nonprofits, schools, healthcare professionals and professionals starting at the beginning of the year. This will partially protect them from pandemic-related lawsuits.