No ICU beds available in Southern California

No ICU beds available in Southern California

Authorities fear that regular hospital rooms will soon run out as well

In densely populated Southern California and the agrarian San Joaquin Valley in that state, where a total of about 30 million people live, there are no available beds in intensive care units, Governor Gavin Newsom said.

California Secretary of Health and Human Services Mark Gali said that many hospitals in the state may soon run out of rooms for patients who need to be hospitalized but who do not require intensive care.

Speaking at a news conference, Gali linked the current spike in COVID-19 cases to Thanksgiving gatherings. He said a similar spike is expected after Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Newsom urged Californians to comply with stay-at-home ordinances that limit human activity in much of the state.

“We are not victims of fate,” he said.