Nolan’s new movie has been postponed again

The premiere of Christopher Nolan’s “Argument” has been postponed without a new release date.

Warner Bros. Studio has removed the upcoming release of Christopher Nolan’s fantastic action movie “Argument” from the upcoming screenings. Cinema chains hoped to make money from the film distribution, but producers are afraid of losing part of the box office due to quarantine restrictions.

Since cinemas around the world are unstable, and in many places only a limited number of people are allowed in or are completely closed, the producers decided not to risk it and to postpone the release of Ovod. The premiere was originally supposed to take place on July 17, then it was postponed to August, now – for an indefinite period.

“We will be posting a new release date for Christopher Nolan’s Argument in the coming weeks. On the one hand, we want to have the highest chances of success, on the other, we want to give as many viewers as possible access to watch, ”said the chairman of Warner Bros. Toby Emmerich in his statement.

The “argument” was worth $ 200 million. Its plot is shrouded in mystery – like all of Nolan’s previous projects.