10 months ago

North Korea conducted short-range missile exercises

10 months ago

It has been established in South Korea that North Korea is conducting military exercises with the release of short-range ground-to-air missiles

This was reported by the international news agency Reuters.

Military exercises were held in connection with the national holiday in North Korea on the occasion of the birthday of the country’s founder and grandfather of current leader Kim Jong-un – Kim Il Sung.

It is reported that two anti-ship missiles were fired from the east coast, near the city of Manchon. Information about this was confirmed at the Joint Headquarters of South Korea. Now South Korean officials are analyzing the tests in conjunction with US intelligence.

“There is an increase in air force activity. We believe that in this way they try to compensate for the lack of winter exercises … And they (North Korea – ed.) Usually hold military events around their birthday on April 15 (Kim Il Sung – ed.), ”The headquarters said.

In addition, on Sunday, North Korean state media reported that leader Kim Jong-un visited the air base and watched the exercises using fighters and attack aircraft.

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