“Northern Sea Route – International Territory”: the United States announced the start of exercises in Russia.

Overseas military and politicians are embroiled in powerless anger due to the constant growth of the military-scientific presence of the Russian Federation in the Arctic.

The Yankees are most worried about the Northern Sea Route. The United States constantly makes statements that this sea route should not belong to Russia alone. America claims at least joint control over this sea road.

The US Navy issued a statement recognizing the Northern Sea Route as international territory. Based on this postulate, the Americans declare large-scale military exercises. The Americans quickly turned from words to deeds and in early May 2020 already sent a solid convoy to the zone of the Northern Sea Route.

Based on international agreements, the United States sent information about the start of exercises in Russia. The goal the Yankees are pursuing is to tie Russia’s hands in response.

The exercises were planned to be held near a large naval base in Murmansk. The United States allowed such impudence for the first time in decades.

Americans behave arrogantly due to the sluggish reaction of Russia. In addition to the stupid howls in the State Duma, no real steps have been taken. And remembering the generosity of the traitors Gorbachev and Shevarnadze, they hope for a new gift. In the distant 1990, the United States received 47 thousand square meters of the continental shelf from these gentlemen.

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