“Not to give slack”: what are the chances of Trump and Biden at the final stage of the election race

Donald Trump begins his trip to eastern New Hampshire on October 25. During the final stage of the election tour, the incumbent head of the White House speaks about his leadership in the presidential campaign. The vote, scheduled for November 3, he called the most important in US history. Meanwhile, his rival, Democrat Joe Biden, is also actively using the time left before the elections, communicating with the electorate. Recent polls indicate the superiority of the former vice president over Trump, but experts urge not to make premature conclusions. Analysts recall the 2016 campaign, when sociologists unanimously awarded Hillary Clinton a victory, but their predictions did not come true.

The US presidential election is only nine days away. During this time, Republican and Democratic candidates – Donald Trump and Joe Biden – expect to strengthen their positions by actively speaking to voters.

So, the current head of the White House on Sunday will make a trip to New Hampshire. Recall that in the previous elections, it was in this state that the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton won, but the majority in her favor was only 0.4% of the vote.

Over the past few days, Trump has visited the states of Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin, where he made campaign speeches.

Earlier, he voted early at the polling station in the library building in West Palm Beach, Florida. The politician said that he voted for “a guy named Trump.”