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“Now you will die”: An enraged Texan tried to shoot a stranger who stopped at his house

"Now you will die": An enraged Texan tried to shoot a stranger who stopped at his house

An enraged Texan shot a stranger in the car when he accidentally drove into his driveway – and then promised to “pierce his damn head.” The shocking incident hit the video, which was released only recently.

50-year-old Michael Alan Trulock of Hani Grove faces up to 20 years in prison on charges of aggravated armed attack in July 2019. Trulock will face trial next month. The 45-second video captures the skirmish between Trulock and Charles Landers, who was next to his house when he was fishing and presumably mixed up the turns. “I didn’t know that it was your house,” Landers tries to explain to Trulok, who pointed a gun at him, on the record. “All of you, damn it, knew!” – he shouts in response. “No, I didn’t. “Insists Landers.“ I’m leaving now. ”

But, alas, attempts to retire only more provoke his interlocutor. “No, you will die! “Says Trulock.“ That’s what will happen now. ” When Landers tries to explain that he formally stopped on the road, and not on the driveway, Trulok refuses to listen and promises to shoot him in the head if he tries to escape – and when the victim decides to leave, he starts shooting at the car. In this video, it ends. If Trulok is found guilty, in addition to 20 years of imprisonment, the man will also face a fine of $ 10 thousand. His lawyer does not comment.

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