Number of deaths in nursing home after Santa’s visit with coronavirus rises

Number of deaths in nursing home after Santa's visit with coronavirus rises

The number of patients in a nursing home in the Belgian town of Mol in the province of Antwerp, who died after Santa Claus, infected with the coronavirus, visited the institution on St. Nicholas Day, has increased to 23.

Earlier it was reported about 18 died.

The alarm was sounded after the actor who played the role of a fairy-tale character was tested positive for the infection a few days after the holiday. It turned out that precautionary measures were not observed at the event: not everyone was wearing masks, and the actors did not respect social distance from the patients. Presumably, the cause of such a mass infection was poor ventilation of the room.

From December 27, vaccination against coronavirus began in Europe, residents of Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Spain and Italy will receive vaccinations. At the first stage each country of the European Union (EU) will be able to vaccinate less than five thousand people from the priority groups of the population. Mass vaccination will not begin until spring.