Nutritionist talks about losing weight with the help of hot baths

Michael Mosley, a nutritionist physician, spoke about losing weight with hot baths. He conducted a study at Loughborough University to measure the number of calories burned while taking an hour-long hot bath and explained how to do it right for weight loss.

Hot baths can burn up to 240 calories, the equivalent of a brisk 30-minute walk. Referring to a study he participated in, Dr. Mosley said that volunteers spent an hour lying in a hot tub equipped with equipment to measure the number of calories burned. “First of all, we measured energy expenditure during the procedure. And what we found was an 80 percent increase in energy expenditure just during the hour-long bath,” said exercise physiologist Steve Faulkner of Loughborough University.

Nutritionist talks about losing weight with the help of hot baths

Faulkner attributed this effect to heat shock proteins, specific proteins that are produced when cells are briefly exposed to temperatures higher than normal. They are produced by all cells in the human body in response to stresses. Dr. Mosley burned 240 calories while swimming. Scientists believe that in the long run, increased levels of such proteins can improve blood sugar control and insulin production, without which the body’s cells cannot use sugar for energy.

“What was particularly surprising was that hot bathing reduced the blood sugar response to later meals,” Mosley said, adding how in 2016 researchers at the University of Oregon proved that sitting in a hot bath four to five times a week reduced blood pressure and increased arterial elasticity.

Earlier, Charles James Steward, a PhD candidate at Coventry University in Britain, explained that bathing in hot water is like jogging because it increases body temperature and heart rate. In his opinion, water procedures will not help to lose weight, but they reduce the risks of other unpleasant health conditions.