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NYPD cops rush to retirement

After Derek Chauvin's verdict - 6 police killings across America in 24 hours

Mass layoffs have begun in the New York City Police Department. More than five thousand reports have been filed in the past year. Half were requests for retirement and the other half were resignations. In one year, the number who decided to resign has increased by one and a half times. There are now 36,000 people serving with the NYPD.

The main reason for this exodus was the hostile attitude towards police officers and the coronavirus pandemic.

Police officers filed the most reports last May. When an African-American man, George Floyd, was killed in an arrest in Minnesota. A police officer used a chokehold against him. As a result, the suspect died in the hospital. At that time, all the police officers involved in the arrest were fired. And a wave of riots swept across the country.

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