NYT described detailed transcripts of George Floyd’s last moments

In the United States, detailed transcripts of the last minutes of George Floyd’s life were made public

“The last moments of George Floyd’s life turned an endless loop, terrifying the world and causing a surge of street protests, but recently published evidence shows an even more desperate scene than was previously known.

Mr. Floyd said “I can’t breathe” not several times, as the previous videos showed, but more than 20 times. He cried not only for his dead mother, but also for his children. Before his last breath, Mr. Floyd gasped: “They will kill me. They will kill me. ”

When Mr. Floyd shouted about his life, the officer answered him: “Stop talking, stop screaming, a huge amount of oxygen is needed to talk”.

The terrible transcripts of a Minneapolis police camera’s underbody camera released on Wednesday were filed in court as part of a 37-year-old police case hearing.

Mr. Floyd, 46, died after another officer, 44-year-old Derek Chauvin, kneeled his neck for more than eight minutes until Floyd stopped moving.

Mr. Chauvin, who has been in the detachment for 19 years, is accused of second-degree murder and can receive up to 40 years in prison if convicted. Mr. Lane and J. Alexander Quang, who were novice officers, and Tou Tao, 34, can also be sentenced to 40 years in prison if convicted of complicity and incitement to murder Floyd. All four officers were fired.

Even before he was on the ground, Mr. Floyd said he was physically upset and told the officers who tried to put him in a police car that he was claustrophobic and could not breathe.

Once, according to one record, he said: “Mom, I love you. Tell my children that I love them. I am dead. ”

At another point, Mr. Chauvin asked if Floyd was under the influence of any drugs, Mr. Lane said that he thought so, and Mr. Queng said that they had found the phone from Floyd. In one of the autopsy reports, traces of illegal drugs were found in Mr. Floyd’s body.

“Relax,” Mr. Tao told Mr. Floyd.

“I can’t breathe,” said Mr. Floyd.

“You are fine,” Mr. Queng answered. “You speak well”

“Take a deep breath,” added Mr. Lane.

New lawsuits include 82 pages of camera transcripts, as well as a 60-page transcript of Mr. Lane’s interrogation with investigators.

In this interrogation, when asked if he felt at that time that Mr. Floyd needed emergency medical care, Mr. Lane answered: “Yes, I felt something was happening.”

However, at the end of the interrogation, Mr. Lane’s lawyer Earl Gray objected when the investigator asked Mr. Lane if he believed that he or Mr. Chauvin had contributed to the death of Mr. Floyd.

“You must not answer,” said Mr. Gray. Mr. Lane did not answer the question.

Much of what was known about Mr. Floyd’s last moments came from a witness’s video, a video of the observation, and allegations of possible reasons made public by the prosecutor or against police charges. But the transcripts of the camera and Mr. Lane’s interviews with investigators provide more detailed information about Mr. Floyd’s dialogue with the officers and how loudly and persistently he begged them that he needed emergency medical care.

The officers were called after an employee at a nearby store said Mr. Floyd had paid a fake $ 20 bill. The photographs show two crumpled bills of $ 20, which, according to Mr. Gray, were fake and, as he said, were found between the center console and the passenger seat in the car.

The evidence also indicates that the ambulance called at the beginning of the meeting did not immediately respond and initially went the wrong way.

According to the transcripts, Mr. Lane called an ambulance after Mr. Floyd started bleeding. Then, Mr. Lane transferred the ambulance call from a less serious “Code 2” to a more serious “Code 3” after Mr. Floyd repeatedly said that he could not breathe and the police discussed whether he could be under action drugs.

The transcripts describe the most critical moments of the holding of Mr. Floyd by the officers.

After Mr. Floyd said that the officers were going to kill him, Mr. Chauvin said, according to one of the transcripts: “Then stop talking, stop screaming, it takes a hell of a lot of oxygen to talk.”

While Mr. Floyd was being held on the ground, on his stomach, with his knee pressed to his neck, Mr. Lane asked if Mr. Floyd should be turned on his side.

Mr. Chauvin said: “No, he remains where we took him.”

Mr. Lane then said that he was worried that Mr. Floyd might be in critical condition.

“Well, that’s why we are waiting for an ambulance,” Mr. Chauvin replied, according to one of the transcripts.

“I think he is losing consciousness,” Lane said after that.

At that moment, a passerby shouted: “Now he doesn’t even breathe, brother, do you think this is cool? You think it’s cool