Obama accused of “humiliating” the European Union

Obama accused of "humiliating" the European Union

Former U.S. President Barack Obama “humiliated” the European Union (EU) in his new book “A Promised Land” (A Promised Land).

The politician wrote that the Greek debt crisis that arose after the 2008 financial meltdown “exposed the unresolved contradictions underlying Europe’s decades-long drive toward deeper integration.” The paper notes that the former American leader “put a knife into the body of the European Union with his murderous assessment.

The author of the article notes that Greece had no way out of the current situation, as membership in the eurozone did not give it the necessary flexibility in monetary policy.

The politician stressed in his memoirs that the consequences of the financial aid to Greece for France and Germany were enormous.

The book, titled “The Promised Land,” was released by Barack Obama on Nov. 17. The first volume broke sales records. In his third book, Obama speaks out about Russia, United States policy in the Middle East and the administration of current President Donald Trump. In particular, in the memoir, Obama stated that Russia has lost its superpower status.