Obama: US authorities do not know what they are doing

11 months ago

Former US President Barack Obama believes that the coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the inability of the country’s current leadership to recognize the consequences of its actions. He said this in a video message to high school graduates of American schools, broadcast on May 16, reports TASS.

“This pandemic more than anything else has completely and completely refuted the notion that many leaders are aware of what they are doing. Many of them don’t even pretend to be responsible for something,” Obama said.

Thus, he criticized some of the principles of the current US leadership, such as momentary benefits and disregard for those who do not share this approach.

The ex-head of state’s speech was based on a call for young people to take an active public position.

The New York Times regarded Obama’s appeal as an attack on the administration of incumbent Republican President Donald Trump ahead of the November US election.

It is noted that after the expiration of the presidential term in January 2017, Democrat Obama generally avoided publicly criticizing the decisions of his successor.

Recall, former vice president Joe Biden was the only contender for the US presidential candidate from the Democrats and ahead of his rival Donald Trump in the election race.

Earlier, Obama first officially supported Biden, as did former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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