Obama was rebuked for narcissism because of his memoir

Former US President Barack Obama has been rebuked for narcissism for his memoir, A Promised Land, which came out on November 17.

The volume of the book is 768 pages, and this is only the first volume. The Daily Mail notes that the recording of the Promised Land audiobook is 29 hours long.

Recalling that this is Obama’s second memoir, Fox News expert Tucker Carlson rebuked the politician for having high ego problems. “Two autobiographies written before age 60? It is safe to say that he has no problems with self-esteem, ”said Carlson. Comedian Adam Carolla also noted that Obama is even more of a narcissist than the current US President Donald Trump.

Some of the Americans’ questions were asked directly to the author of the memoirs. “Did you do this to make sure Trump never reads this?” – Asked host Jimmy Kimmel during a conversation with Obama. He replied that he did not think it was worth writing 700 pages for this.

On November 19, Penguin Random House noted that the first volume of the former US President’s memoirs had already broken sales records. They reached a record 887 thousand copies for the publisher. It is noted that hundreds of thousands of people have placed the order. 3.4 million copies have already been published for the USA and Canada.