Officials: 21-year-old Polk Region agent killed in crossfire from fellow deputies

A 21-year-old sheriff’s representative was lethally shot while serving a capture warrant in unincorporated Polk City Tuesday morning, Polk Region Sheriff Grady Judd said.

Judd said four representatives were endeavoring to capture Cheryl Lynn Williams, 46, at a trailer at around 2 a.m. on Foxtown South on a warrant for neglecting to show up in court for an ownership of methamphetamine charge.

At the point when representatives showed up, they asked a man at the scene, known as Witness A, where Williams was. The man let them know she was behind the home, yet when delegates went there, a subsequent man let the representatives know that she was inside and welcomed them to enter.

Right now, Delegate Blane Path, 21, returns to the front of the home and takes a strategic position in the event Williams attempted to run.

“The position he’s taken, and this is significant in a moment, isn’t before any entryways or windows, yet he’s calculated so he can see the front entryway, he can see a bunch of windows, and he’s where individuals inside can’t see him,” Judd said.

As Path held on, Sergeant Michael Creeks and Appointee Johnny Holson back III entered the trailer and started clearing the rooms.

At the point when Holson back investigated the trailer’s “gaming room,” Williams stepped before the representatives while using a sensible BB weapon.

As indicated by the sheriff’s office, Williams got the BB weapon when she understood the representatives were there. The subsequent observer told Williams, “you would rather not do that,” yet the suspect advised him to let the representatives inside.

“It is my conviction at this phase of the examination, she plainly and unequivocally put us into a gunfight with her or potentially a self destruction by cop,” Judd said.

The two delegates terminated at Williams, hitting her twice. Be that as it may, she was by all accounts not the only one harmed by the gunfire.

“At that equivalent time, Delegate Path says ‘I’m hit,'” Judd said. “Witness One, who’s on the yard sees Representative Path snatching his shoulder like he’s pulling at his shirt, and he strolls from his strategic situation out under one more covered region and goes down to one knee.”

Agent Adam Pennell, likewise at the scene, went to Path and attempted to deliver help. Judd said an early examination observed that six shots were discharged and that the shot that hit Path came from an individual delegate that went through an outside wall.

Judd said at first, it gave the idea that Path was shot in the arm and that he would be fine. In any case, while Path was being treated at Lakeland Provincial Wellbeing, the injury was found to be a lot of more terrible.

“As they’re treating Delegate Path, we discover that the shot that went into the shoulder went into the chest depression, and he kicked the bucket,” the sheriff said.

Williams was set collared at Lakeland Territorial Wellbeing and will be accused of second-degree murder and different charges whenever she is delivered.

“It’s our objective to see that she’s imprisoned until the end of her regular life,” Judd said.

Path, a dad to a 3-year-old youngster, was sworn as a detainment delegate in May 2021, later joining the Northwest Locale Watch in January 2022.

“He was splendid,” Judd said. “He learned, he consumed data, and he was cautious when he went about his business.”

A dedication administration with full policing will be anticipated Path. A parade was held Tuesday morning.

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