Ohio proposes making Trump’s birthday a state holiday

Ohio proposes making Trump's birthday a state holiday

Ohio Republican lawmakers John Cross and Reggie Stoltzfus have proposed making former U.S. President Donald Trump’s birthday – June 14 – an annual state holiday in the state, CNN reports.

House members stressed in their memorandum that Trump led the country “to unprecedented prosperity.” According to the politicians, a record number of voters in Ohio – more than 3.15 million citizens – voted for Trump in the past U.S. presidential election.

“The Ohio House of Representatives feels it necessary to set aside a day to honor one of the greatest presidents in American history,” the letter reads.

As a reminder, the U.S. presidential election was held on November 3. Trump won in Ohio, thanks to which he received 18 electoral votes in that state. However, he failed to get the 270 votes needed to retain the presidency. Democrat Joseph Biden became the new leader of the United States.