Oil ship dangerously tilted and left without crew on the high seas

2 weeks ago

The Dutch cargo ship Eemslift Hendrika tilted dangerously and was left without crew on the high seas off the coast of Norway.

The ship sent out a distress signal as early as Monday, April 5. The Coast Guard evacuated 8 of the 12 crew members while the captain and several other sailors stayed on board in the hope of rescuing the vessel. After it lost momentum, rescuers evacuated the remaining crew.

The Norwegian Coast Guard fears that the drifting vessel could capsize due to a strong tilt. As a result, 350 tons of heavy oil and 50 tons of diesel on board may be spilled. Bad weather conditions are still prevailing in the disaster area – waves reach 15 meters high.

In late March it was reported that Russian trawler Melkart capsized when launched in Kirkenes, Norway. The vessel was under repair at Kimek shipyard and was due to return to work soon. The trawler tipped over on its side during the launch. There were eight people on board at the time, none of them injured.

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