Omniverse from NVIDIA lets you create Digital Twins of Your Data Center

NVIDIA announced new updates on Omniverse Cloud technology during its GTC ceremony today. Are there applications for professionals in the field of data centers? Some of the information NVIDIA has released today is promising for the world of data centers. It is the only way that Siemens as well as Siemens Energy appears to provide solutions for data centers through their Omniverse Cloud technology.

The potential applications are to create an electronic twin of the existing data centers in order to predict the impact of PUE when you expand the area of the data center. The technology could have an important role for disaster planning and models for data recovery that are built upon the most likely threats from the environment to the physical infrastructure of data centers. Risk management is much more accurate , and in the perfect world, it would decrease security costs in specific instances.

NVIDIA announced improvements on Omniverse Cloud technology at their GTC conference today. Applications for professionals working in data centers? A portion of what NVIDIA has released today is promising for the world of data centers. The only company, Siemens along with Siemens Energy seems to offer solutions for data centers through Omniverse Cloud. Omniverse Cloud technology.

Possible applications include making digital twins of existing data centers to anticipate the impact of PUE when you expand the space for a data center. The technology could have the potential to be useful for disaster planning and models for data recovery based in the most likely threats from the environment to the physical infrastructure of data centers. Risk planning will be more precise and, in a perfect world it would lower cybersecurity costs in specific use cases.

In essence, the current enhancements and features offered by Nvidia’s Omniverse let the platform be accessible to developers. It is the case with Omniverse Cloud, an IaaS that allows applications to run securely within the platform. In a press conference yesterday, Nvidia’s vice-president Ominverse Platform Development Ominverse Platform Development Richard Kerris stated that Siemens Energy is a software partner. He also promised more details. Siemens Energy’s Siemen’s friends gave us the opportunity to attend a webinar about Digital Twin technology. The software company explained how data centers could:

Twin data center infrastructure

Simulate what-if scenarios pre-build

Accelerate the process of designing for various important performances indicators (KPIs).This video gives a brief explanation of all the simulators that are built into NVIDIA Ominverse’s Universal Scene Description (USD) product. There’s a trend in the sense that NVIDIA is looking for its simulation technologies to be easily accessible and plug-and-play feasible for businesses.

Data Center Knowledge Data Center Knowledge also see digital twin technology as an opportunity to eliminate the requirement for electrical workers to take risks of injury while maintaining and upgrading dangerous electrical equipment as we have seen in our coverage of the Google as well as OVH disasters at data centers. The use of robotics to help maintain equipment in data centers will be boosted by NVIDIA’s Omniverse that is built on case studies of other industries like railway and automotive industries.

It’s true that most of the announcements from the company are a bit cool that make use of the potential of 3D for realistic simulations however, is there anything that can transform your life as a data center professional either today or in the near future? Maybe. The enhancement of PUE using digital twin technology, which replicates cooling and power systems would be the most feasible option according to what we’re seeing in Siemens Energy.

“Safety is the number one priority in robotics,” stated Nvidia President Jensen Huang during his keynote at the GTC 2022 conference. “All of this demands processing power.”

The data center industry are aware of what this means: there is a greater need for storage, networks as well as computer. As more industries embrace AI or digital twin technologies, the already limited colo space will be increasingly difficult to obtain. The thing NVIDIA is doing by introducing this new version of Ominverse Ominverse platform will make AI simulations and modeling more accessible to businesses.

To aid in this, NVIDIA introduced its H100 system, which is”the “new engine of the AI factory” and it’s accessible via NVIDIA LaunchPad. H100 cloud-based services that run across AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle will be available in the coming year. Huang said that he would provide the systems needed to support this massive increase in processing requirements using semiconductor chips like Grace Hopper that is specifically designed for data analysis and recommender systems. However, it is suitable for most applications that require high-performance computing. The chips’ support systems will be available in the first quarter of 2023.

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