On Earth, nuclear fuel ends to power spacecraft

We all understand that for space technology, the atom is a priority type of fuel, without it, nowhere.

Plutonium 238 and 239, this is the most important type of nuclides, or atoms. In order for humanity to achieve at least Mars, the ship needs to be fed precisely with plutonium. Solar energy is not enough. Plutonium is necessary to ensure the vital functions of the ship, to provide it with the necessary energy.

This type of atom has been mined for decades in reactors by irradiating Neptunium 237. On our planet, this type of fuel is no longer produced. However, it can not even be bought.

Plutonium 238 has accumulated due to the Cold War. In the midst of this era, the production of this fuel was increasing.

The main argument is the safety of the ecology of our planet. All plutonium production programs were immediately phased out, as the world realized how terrifying it could be.

Therefore, sanctions are being introduced against Iraq and North Korea to prevent an apocalypse.
The most gigantic thermal power is created due to plutonium 238. Chemical elements that are superior to plutonium 238 do not exist in the world by their indicators. Radioisotope sources of electricity will be used for power supply, and the life of the ship.

Space objects sent by man to deep space are charged precisely by Plutonium 238. Beyond the limits of the orbit of Mars, solar panels are no longer relevant.

Over the century of astronautics, mankind has almost exhausted all plutonium reserves.
Most of this atom has Russia and the United States. But the Americans over the past decade have lost their stocks. Today, the US Plutonium 238 has no more than 30 kilograms. Russia has even less. A ship that will go to Mars will require 10 kilograms of Plutonium 238, which is almost all US reserves.

Even if a thermonuclear engine is created, there will be nothing to power the ship. There is not enough plutonium on Earth to provide energy to a ship.

Let’s hope that the world community will not subject the Earth to such problems, and they will not produce plutonium anymore, and they will find a different type of energy for space ships.