On July 4, demonstrators destroyed the statues of Christopher Columbus

Protesters destroyed several monuments to Christopher Columbus on Independence Day weekend. Protesters beheaded a statue of Christopher Columbus in Connecticut, threw another into Baltimore’s harbor, and set fire to the Pioneer Family Monument in Portland, Oregon, on July 4 weekend.

“Despite the fact that we welcome peaceful protests and a constructive dialogue on whether and how to place certain monuments in context or move them to museums through a lawsuit, lawlessness, vandalism and the destruction of state property are completely unacceptable. It’s the opposite of democracy, and it should be condemned by everyone, regardless of their policies, ”said Maryland Governor Larry Hogan on Sunday after the statue of Columbus in Baltimore was dumped into the ocean.

The marble statue of Columbus, which stood on a pedestal near the Baltimore region of Little Italy, was demolished by demonstrators on Saturday evening. The crowd threw her to the ground with ropes, and then dragged her into the harbor. The statue was installed in 1984 under President Ronald Reagan.

In Waterbury, Connecticut, police found Saturday morning that the head of a 4-meter granite statue of Columbus near City Hall was chopped off. The head itself has disappeared. It was a gift to the city of Waterbury from Americans of Italian descent.

Statues of historical figures, including Columbus, George Washington, Confederate figures, and other slaveholders, have been targeted by Black Lives Matter protesters as national racial unrest resumed debate over their mixed heritage.