10 months ago

On Pluto, an ocean hides under the ice

10 months ago

Studies show that Pluto has an ocean under a frozen surface.

There is still a debate in the scientific community about whether Pluto deserves to be a planet, but researchers have found evidence that the body could have an ocean billions of years ago, and now it is still hidden under the ice.

A study published in Nature Geoscience suggests that Pluto may have been hot enough to form to allow liquid water to exist on its surface. The researchers used a simulation of the thermal model and New Horizons data, which led to such conclusions.

“For a long time, people have been thinking about the thermal evolution of Pluto and the ocean’s ability to survive,” says Francis Nimmo, professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz. According to her, gaps on the surface show the expansion of the ice crust, and they form from freezing and melting of the ocean below the surface.

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