On ‘Sunday Night Football’ Chiefs Lead Buccaneers In Second Half

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady will be facing off in this matchup for the first time since Brady’s Buccaneers defeated Mahomes’s Chiefs in Super Bowl 2021. Both teams have changed over the years and Coach Todd Bowles is now in charge of the Bucs following Bruce Arians’ retirement.

The game was scheduled to take place as planned, although it looked like Sunday’s game might be rescheduled.

Chiefs 38; Buccaneers 17. (3:42 remaining in the third quarter).

Chiefs lead the charge with field goal

With a field goal on their first drive of the second period, the Chiefs increased their lead.

Matthew Wright, Kansas City’s latest replacement for Harrison Butker injured kicker, connected from 44 yards.

JuJu Smith Schuster, wide receiver, had a catch and run of 19 yards on the drive.

Patrick Mahomes was pressured by the Buccaneers defense to complete a third and six just before the kick.

Halftime in Tampa: Chiefs lead Buccaneers

Three days after Hurricane Ian made landfall on Florida’s west coast, the NFL and the NFL decided to not postpone or relocate Sunday’s game.

Halftime: Chiefs lead by 28-17

Three touchdowns were scored by the Chiefs in their three first offensive possessions. After a failed fourth down attempt on their fourth possession, they got the ball back on a turnover to reach the end zone for the fourth time. They want to reverse the result in a rematch on the Super Bowl that the Buccaneers won at their home field at end of 2020 season.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw two touchdowns and rushed for 126 yards in the first half. He made a crazy two-yard touchdown pass, throwing it to tailback Clyde Edwards–Helaire. It was a play in which he did a spin move and stopped just before reaching line of scrimmage. He then flipped the ball forward to Edwards–Helaire in end zone.

Edwards-Helaire, and tight end Noah Gray, provided touchdowns for the rushing. Gray’s touchdown was a one yard quarterback sneak. Gray stopped behind the center, moved in motion and took the snap. Mahomes was lined up in shotgun. Travis Kelce, tight end, had seven catches totalling 65 yards and a touchdown.

Two costly mistakes were made by the Buccaneers. The Buccaneers lost a kickoff on their opening game, and quarterback Tom Brady fell on a tackle. After absorbing the hard hit from the sack, Brady was seen grasping his right arm or shoulder. He remained on the field, however. In the second half, he threw for 195 yard and two touchdowns. Mike Evans, wide receiver, was the recipient of both touchdowns.

Just before halftime, the Bucs score another Brady-to Evans touchdown

As the Buccaneers attempt to win the game, Tom Brady threw his second touchdown to Mike Evans.

This touchdown covered one yard.

Brady lofted a pass towards the back corner of Evans’ end zone, on the right side. Evans made a quick catch just 10 seconds before the halftime break.

To give the Bucs a 1 yard first down, the Chiefs were penalized for defensive pass interference.

Chiefs score another touchdown after a turnover; Brady grabs the right shoulder

The Chiefs continue to pour it on.

They capitalized on a Tom Brady turnover and extended their lead to 28-10 by Noah Gray’s one-yard touchdown run. This was essentially a quarterback sneak.

Gray was moving on a third-and goal play at the Tampa Bay 1-yard mark, while Patrick Mahomes was shotgunned. Gray stopped in the middle, just ahead of Mahomes, and took the snap. Then, he barreled forward to the end zone.

After Brady’s sack, the Chiefs were able to move 20 yards. Mahomes ran seven yards and took a first down at the 10 yard line on a third, seventh play.

According to NBC, Brady appeared bothered by his right shoulder and arm on the sideline. Backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert was also warming up.

After absorbing L’Jarius’s hit on his sack, he could be seen grasping his right arm or shoulder onto the field.

Chiefs lose fourth down

After scoring three touchdowns on their three first offensive possessions, the Chiefs were finally stopped.

They fell on the fourth-and-one attempt at the Tampa 34 yard line. Andy Reid was unable to make a field goal from 52 yards. Matthew Wright filled in as the kicker.

Patrick Mahomes was able to open the tailback Clyde Edwards Helaire on a fourth down swing pass to his right. Mahomes was accurate in his throw, but Edwards-Helaire couldn’t catch the catch.

Buccaneers respond to Brady-to Evans touchdown

The Buccaneers won’t give up.

They were facing an 18-point deficit and made a good drive to reach the end zone, their first attempt of the night.

Wide receiver Mike Evans was hit with a 13-yard touchdown by Tom Brady.

After serving a one game suspension for his part in an on-field altercation with Marshon Lattimore cornerback of the New Orleans Saints, Evans made a great catch and took a hit in his end zone.

Evans and Brady were also on the team for a 30-yard completion earlier in the drive.

Chiefs’ lead is increased by Mahomes’s spectacular touchdown pass

The Chiefs are dominating Tampa’s Buccaneers.

They are leading 21-3 in the second half with three touchdowns on three offensive possessions.

Patrick Mahomes was able to make a highlight reel play and throw a touchdown pass of two yards to Clyde Edwards Helaire, tailback.

This was Mahomes at his finest. He moved from the pocket to the right, did a spin move and headed towards the goal line. He then stopped just before the line of Scrimmage and tossed it high into the air to Edwards Helaire in the endzone.

Mahomes ran seven yards earlier on the drive and took a first down on third-and-two.

He made a pass to Marquez Valdescantling, wide receiver, in the middle field for 36 yards. On third and 2, he found Travis Kelce, a tight end.

The Chiefs were awarded a first down at Tampa’s 1-yard line after a defensive holding penalty was assessed by the Buccaneers. They lost one yard on a first down running play, before Mahomes’s magic second-down for the touchdown.

Chiefs score two touchdowns in just two possessions

Two touchdowns were scored by the Chiefs on two offensive possessions.

They drove 79 miles in just 12 plays.

Three-yard touchdown run by Tailback Clyde Edwards Helaire

He received a handoff form Jerick McKinnon who lined up under the center line and took the snap on the second-and-one play. Then he bulldozed his route into the end zone.

Patrick Mahomes completed a 13-yard pass to Travis Kelce, tight end on a third and 10 play earlier in the drive. Edwards-Helaire ran 20 yards, while Mahomes ran nine yards.

The Buccaneers react with a field goal

The Chiefs scored quickly and the Buccaneers responded with a field goal.

Kicker Ryan Succop was able to connect from 45 yards.

After losing a kickoff, the Bucs were able to move 45 yards in seven plays.

All four passes by Tom Brady were completed for 46 yards. The field goal was scored by Tom Brady’s third-and-4th completion to Leonard Fournette. It produced just one yard.

After Bucs’ fumble, Chiefs are now in control thanks to Mahomes-toKelce touchdown

It didn’t take too long.

After 46 seconds, the Chiefs are leading Tampa 7-0.

They converted a Buccaneers fumble on the first kickoff into a touchdown pass of 16 yards from Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

Kelce was able to maneuver around the middle of the field. He intercepted Mahomes’s pass, and he jumped over a defender to get into the end zone.

After Rachaad White, the Buccaneers’ quarterback, lost a kickoff on the opening kickoff, the Chiefs took control at the Tampa 21 yard line. The Chiefs only needed two plays to get to the end zone.

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