On the eve of Thanksgiving, Biden will discuss “common victims” in the fight against COVID-19

On the eve of Thanksgiving, Biden will discuss "common victims" in the fight against COVID-19

This year, the federal government is calling on Americans to abandon traditional holiday trips to their families.

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden intends to address the Coronavirus and the upcoming holidays in his Wednesday address.

He will speak on the eve of Thanksgiving, when millions of Americans are traditionally reunited with their families, for which many are on the road. But this year, due to the spread of COVID-19 infection, the federal government has called on people to stay home.

Biden’s transition office said it will “discuss the common sacrifices Americans have to make this holiday season,” and said the Americans “can and will go through this crisis together.

Tuesday, Biden said the U.S. “is willing to lead the world, not distance itself from it,” indicating a sharp retreat from the “America First” credo of outgoing Trump President for the past four years.

As he prepared to take office on January 20, Biden said the country was “ready to stand up to its opponents, but not to reject its allies.

“We are ready to stand up for our values,” he said.