‘One October’ Mass Shooting Composes ‘Hopeful’ Song To Uplift People’s Spirits

LAS VEGAS, Nevada A survivor of the deadly October 1 mass shooting that left 60 dead in 2017 and has composed a poignant song in celebration of the anniversary of the shooting. Written by Matt Ballaro, the song called ‘Vegas Strong’ been sent for consideration by the One October Memorial Committee before the Route 91 festival. Ballaro stated that he would like the song to convey optimism to the masses during the ceremony of memorializing all the people who died in this tragedy.

Ballaro also recalled the tragic day that occurred when a gunman aged 64 Stephen Paddock targeted people attending the Route 91 Harvest music festival. He said: “If I remember correctly the song occurred after all the other events had taken place. It was a moment that shocked everyone around me. shock.”

Speak about his music, the lyrics go as follows: “I guess we’ll live to see another day/ Even though the pain will never fade away/ This isn’t something we can just erase/ We need each other through the battle as we make a change,” Ballaro added “I would like it to be hopeful, and make people realize the beauty which emerged from this tragic incident.

“Anytime I revisit and listen to the song the music brings me back to most hopeful times we had as people line for blood banks. They are waiting for blood banks to open. Golden Knights won their first home game and they fly the banner that has the number 58. When I turn the music back on, and play it on my own it brings my mind back.” Ballaro said.

In the meantime the Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) on September 28 stated: “Five years ago, my hometown in Las Vegas endured one of the most devastating times throughout its long history. It was a gorgeous autumn evening that evening, it was the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival was disrupted after a gunman sprayed the stage with bullets from a tall hotel room. People who attended the festival, including my niece, at first believed that the shootings were fireworks, however, they soon realized something more dangerous was taking place.”

Masto added, “It’s hard to overstate the extent of the tragedy of that evening, and it is still the most horrific mass shooting in recent American history. When the gunfire began to erupt the first responders were compelled into action, and so did people who were not in the know making concert barriers stretchers, and turning cars and trucks as ambulances. In the most difficult of circumstances, Nevadans came together to assist each other. They have continued to support one another since.”

“And next weekend Las Vegas, thanks to the efforts of the Vegas Strong Resiliency Centre, grieving families First responders, survivors and other members of the community will all light candles to commemorate the light, strength and resilience that is the Las Vegas community. However, the reality is that trauma leaves impressions. A lot of people who were affected in those who were impacted by the Route 91 attack say that the shooting was a permanent “before” and “after” for them. It profoundly altered people’s lives.” Sen. John McCain said.

Five years ago, after the tragedy occurred, Route 91 Harvest Festival issued a statement which stated: “On behalf of the whole Route 91 Harvest Family, we are devastated by the tragedy that occurred the night before. Our sincere condolences go out to those who have been injured as well as the dead and their loved family members. Insane violence has claimed the hearts of our beloved fans, and we’re not able to provide much to say. We extend our sincere gratitude to the LVMPD emergency services security guards, and supporters for the selfless acts of courage in trying to assist people who are in need. We will continue to try and continue to move forward, we will not forget this day.”

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