11 months ago

One tweet insulted China and Biden.

11 months ago

In one of the tweets posted by U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday, May 20, the head of the White House insulted China, accusing the country of aiding “sleepy Joe,” implying Joe Biden. Trump added that China wants to rob the US. Attention was drawn to his posts by Fox News.

Trump wrote that Beijing is conducting a large-scale disinformation campaign because of the desire to see Biden, a candidate from the Democratic Party of the United States, in the upcoming presidential elections in America, in power. “They [China] desperately want Sleepy Joe Biden to win the presidential race so they can continue to rob the United States like they did for decades before I came,” the White House chief said.

He criticized the Chinese authorities and accused Beijing of failing to react in a timely manner: “All this is coming from above. They could have easily stopped the epidemic, but they didn’t do it”.

Trump’s tweets followed statements by two representatives of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Lijian Zhao and Hua Chunying. Chinese officials criticized Trump’s threats to the World Health Organization (WHO), attempts to politicize the virus’s origin, and “misinformation from the US.

Earlier, the head of the White House said that the U.S. will completely stop funding the WHO and will review its membership in the organization if it does not meet their requirements within 30 days.

China has repeatedly been harshly criticized by Trump and his administration. In March, the American leader accused Beijing of late informing the world community about the coronavirus outbreak. Trump said it would have been better if the authorities of other countries had known about it a few months earlier.

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