Oppo smartphone exploded in the user’s pocket

2 weeks ago

Oppo smartphone exploded and damaged the user from India.

According to a video of a local blogger, Oppo A53 unit caught fire and exploded at the moment when it was in the pants pocket of the owner. The device burned the user’s clothing and gave him severe burns, as a result of which the owner of the phone was forced to seek medical attention.

The blogger demonstrated the remains of the damaged device. The device has lost a piece of the back panel – apparently, the explosion and fire occurred due to problems with the battery of the phone. The A53 has a 5,000 milliampere-hour battery.

Oppo smartphone exploded in the user's pocket

According to the victim, he was not actively using the device – he used it for calls and web browsing. The user also said that he only charged the device with the original Oppo adapter and cable. The company has not yet responded to the incident and has not acknowledged the incident.

In April, Chinese journalists told about the incident with the smartphone Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime, which exploded and caught fire while it was in the user’s backpack. The Korean company said that if the victim makes a complaint, Samsung specialists will investigate.