Over 20 police officers injured during protests in London on June 13

Twenty-three police officers were injured on Saturday during protests in London, 113 law enforcement officers were detained. This is stated in a message distributed on Sunday by Scotland Yard.

“A total of 23 policemen were injured as a result of the actions of protesters who attacked police officers and threw objects at them. Fortunately, the injuries they received were not serious,” the statement said.

According to updated data, a total of 113 people were detained for disturbing public order, including attacks on police officers, possession of weapons and drugs, being drunk and participating in unrest. “Such thoughtless hooliganism is unacceptable, and I am glad that lawbreakers have been detained,” said Bas Javid, deputy chief of the London Patrol Police Directorate.

Activists of extreme right-wing organizations and football fans staged riots in central London on Saturday under the pretext of defending statues of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill (1874-1965), and the London cenotaph, a symbolic monument to fallen soldiers, located on Whitehall government street . Activists threw bottles and fires at police officers, some tried to provoke clashes with law enforcement officers and staged fights with left-wing activists protesting police brutality and racial discrimination.

Right activists rallied in response to demonstrations by supporters of the Black lives matter movement, demanding that those responsible for the death of African-American George Floyd, who died after being detained by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, be held accountable. Mass protests began in the United States, and then spread to other countries, including Britain. After a series of rioting rallies in London and other cities in the United Kingdom, the British police union called on Interior Minister Prity Patel to impose strict restrictions on the organization of mass rallies that take place under the current quarantine. Currently, groups of more than six people are not allowed to gather in the country.