Pablo Escobar’s son claims the key to his father’s missing treasure

9 months ago

The unofficial son of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar Roberto Sendoya Escobar, who currently lives in Mallorca under the pseudonym Philip Whitcomb, said that he has the keys to his father’s missing treasures. He spoke about this before the publication of his book “Son of Escobar. Firstborn ”in an interview with BBC News.

Whitcomb shared that he knows the code behind which the location of the hidden wealth is hidden. “There is money. Not cash, but something of value, ”he said.

At the same time, the man promised, if the treasure is found, to send most of it to charity, which “can directly oppose what Don Pablo Escobar did to the world’s population.”

Whitcomb said that for a long time he did not know who his biological father was. He had recollections from childhood about a shootout where a woman in a red dress – his mother – died. Later, the boy’s adoptive father shared that these events really happened. Then the British secret intelligence service MI6 carried out a mission to recover Escobar’s stolen money supply, and there was a shootout. After these events, the main MI6 agent who led the operation took pity on the child and adopted him. Whitcomb was allowed to meet with Escobar regularly. So, the son of the drug lord himself claims in his book, the British government tried to control money laundering and drug trafficking.

Roberto Sendoya Escobar’s birth certificate does not mention the name of the drug lord’s father, but this is stated in the baptismal document, reports the Daily Mail.

Pablo Escobar, who led the Medellin cartel for 15 years, is considered one of the most famous drug lords in history. By the early 1990s, his fortune was in excess of $ 30 billion, and the cartel was responsible for more than 80 percent of the cocaine supply to the United States. The perpetrator was killed in a joint operation by the Colombian police and American intelligence services in December 1993.

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