California will be the first state to provide health insurance to some illegal immigrants

California will be the first state to offer health insurance to some illegal immigrants. California lawmakers on Sunday, June 9, pre-agreed on a budget deal that will make the Golden State the first U.S. state to offer health insurance to some adult illegal immigrants. These health benefits are included in next year’s state budget plan.Continue Reading

NASA will open the International space station for tourism, and any person interested will be able to get there

The pleasure will not be cheap. To sleep on the beds of the station and use its facilities, including air, water, internet and toilet, will have to pay $35 thousand per night. In addition, the tourist will have to pay for the flight there and back to the carrier company. Ilona Mask SpaceX is likely to take care of the flights.Continue Reading

The president of Mexico in a conversation with Trump confirmed readiness for cooperation with the USA

The president of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Saturday held telephone negotiations with the colleague from the USA Donald Trump. The head of the Latin American state reported about it on the Twitter.
“We spoke by phone with the president Trump, – Lopez Obrador wrote. – We confirmed him our readiness to be on friendly terms, conduct dialogue and to cooperate for the good of our people”.Continue Reading

Xi Jinping said that China is ready to share technologies 5G

“China will consistently expand openness, in particular access to the market, to create a favorable environment for the competition. Let’s act as the firm supporter of economic globalization China is ready to share technological inventions and a know-how, in particular technologies 5G with all partners”, – he told at a plenary session of PIEF.Continue Reading

CNN: Saudi Arabia could accelerate development of the missile program at the ex pense of China

U.S. authorities, according to CNN TV channel, received data of investigation that Saudi Arabia could accelerate considerably development of the program for development of ballistic missiles by means of China. The TV channel made such statement on Wednesday, referring to three sources allegedly familiar with a situation, Trend with reference to TASS tells.Continue Reading